Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The week so far.

The week so far sucks. My parents were in town and I had a good ole' time with them but everytime they have to leave, it breaks my heart and in turn, it transforms me into the biggest bitch known to mankind. Well sorta kinda.

My boyfriend has to put up with my shit, which I gladly thank him for but he lives in Canada and he also parted over the weekend. He's usually here maybe once every other month and im glad too that we have our distance so as to not kill each other because apparently we are both hard headed and tend to clash more often than not. But i like the fool

So basically i spent the rest of the weekend laying in bed, depressed and watching TV and not eating.

Yah I know, barrells of fucking fun.

and here at work things are just becoming increasingly hectic and very very busy which is not fun at all. So then I'm all irritated at work and hating everything and everyone around me because, for real, people can't just behave normally, specially you men! I'm going to turn into a fucking nun so ya'll have to hit on and masturbate to someone else, motherfuckers.

Gawwwd i'm so irritated today, sorry for the shitty ass post, i just wanted to vent and also, i'm high on allergy meds so excuse me if I make lilttle sense up in this fucker.

So my girl Kim requested I show her a pic of me wasted in the middle of the day.
NOT gonna happen, but this is as close as it will get, cause in here im high on allergy meds so excuse the silly giggle cunt face so this is all you get, little punk.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday post

Eventhough I like to write, I don't seem to be too good at it when it comes to coming up with ideas or putting them on paper. I work as an editor and I rather correct other people's mistakes and make my own while I write my own things and someone else correct mine.

I'm just lazy you could say.

So that's one lame tidbit about me. Another one is, I probably am the only chic in the world other than in India or China, who doesn't have a cell phone. I simply don't like to be dependant on anything material or even physical, other than a penis or a vibrator or a hand for an orgasm.

But a cellphone? yes it's a necesary evil, but so are we women to all of you dudes out there. I used one until about a year ago and I never liked it, so if you want to get a hold of me, good luck, email, work or home and now this blog, isn't this enough?


Now men, ugh... another necessary evil that I don't want to talk about today because THEY ALL SUCK! I have not met one that doesn't carry drama on his back. Dudes, for reals, grow some balls and stop looking at the mirror more than we do and pretend you are all that and that your guns and wide chest mean the world to women because it doesn't, all of that shows you have the penis the size of a toasted peanut and that ain't attractive at all, nor does it feel good at all either

ahem too much info perhaps?

That's all for today fellas. Whomever follows and reads this non interesting blabbering, God bless you.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

First post without a title

Blogging is for people with nothing better to do, or so I thought.

Lately I've become interested in putting words on paper or rather on notepad or email since the whole paper/pencil thing seems to be a thing of the past specially for people with fast paced jobs and a lack of social life.

So here is my first post which I'm not sure how much of my own personal shit I will be ready to disclose or share but... we'll see.