Monday, February 8, 2010

Facebook cunts

So i come in this morning only to find out my facebook page is gone.

Why? I have no fucking clue but i'm beyond pissed at this moment.

I can't find a fucking link anywhere where I can contact this fucks and ask them why the hell they shut down my facebook.

Ugh, i don't have patience for this shit this morning.

Sorry ya'll for starting the morning cussing half the globe but, blame it on Facecock.

: (

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


10 Followers, as of today February 2nd. Woot!!!

Eventhough I haven't written much around here, it's nice to see that people still want to follow me... (and men for sure are the first ones to do so, and Courtney too, of course).

It's been a little busy week but I will come back with some stuff to write just because I'm that kind of gal...

Lame, i know..... OMG that was such a cheese line.

Anyways, thanks to the 10 followers which I'm sure will inspire me to keep writing, I dont know... lots of stuff. For now, i must get back to bed and watch what is it, Lost?