Monday, December 28, 2009

Trouble in thunderland

So i'm still sick right?

Not as bad as I have been for the past 3 weeks, but enough for me to be on leave for another 2 weeks by order of my boss and stay out of trouble in any way, shape or form.

I don't like that last part. More like, I can't seem to stay out of trouble.

I'll post some shit about christmas sometime this week but in the meantime, I just wanted to ramble today on this here blog with a little drama queeny kind of bullshit.

So the boyfriend left me. No big deal, he doesn't even live with me anyway. The thing is that he broke it off with me because...

I may have been a bad kitten.

It's not my fault really that someone left their sweater here and i pretended to claim it was mine but obviously it was a little too big for me (even with these saline bags) and the boyfriend smelled the scent of another lion up in this den.

Nothing happened, I swear, i was simply having a friend over for lunch (as in eating food, not my snatch) and he fell asleep on the couch after a while.

The boyfriend doesn't believe this story because, well that's how I hooked up with him in the first place some time ago but yet, that doesn't mean it's going to happen every single time. I think. = )

However I'm too stressed and cranky to put up with this shit, so he said bye and i said, see ya.

Anyhow, i'm watching some Marilyn Monroe documentary and eating a ton of ice cream which Im sure will make my ass look fat for the start of 2010. I'm sure for now it has stayed in shape, the last time I checked it but who knows, if i don't work it (in more ways than what you think) it sure is going to sag and my new boyfriend, I mean, the old boyfriend may think it's going to force me to stop eating ice cream. At which point i should dump him.

No man messes with a girl and her ice cream

*Pumps fist with Ice cream cone in the air...


Stacie's Madness said...

buahahah, the last line just made me laugh out loud. for real!

Bev said...

Sorry 'bout the boyfriend, but hurray for ice cream! :)

Anonymous said...

So when are you available?