Tuesday, February 2, 2010


10 Followers, as of today February 2nd. Woot!!!

Eventhough I haven't written much around here, it's nice to see that people still want to follow me... (and men for sure are the first ones to do so, and Courtney too, of course).

It's been a little busy week but I will come back with some stuff to write just because I'm that kind of gal...

Lame, i know..... OMG that was such a cheese line.

Anyways, thanks to the 10 followers which I'm sure will inspire me to keep writing, I dont know... lots of stuff. For now, i must get back to bed and watch what is it, Lost?


Organic Meatbag said...

I am proud to be amongst those that wish to inspire you here...hahaha

PorkStar said...

Cheese you are for sure.., little punk. When did you get back to work? People from my office have been looking for you... answer your emails!

: )

Anonymous said...

Look at Porky being all business like - or trying to at least. I'm surprised he had enough time to even read your blog with all the porn he searches for all day long.

Stylez said...

Follower #11 here.