Friday, April 16, 2010

Out vacationing

Not exactly.

Just swamped with work, doing things for other people and covering shifts and shit from other people. Just ridiculous.

I've seen many people around retiring and closing their blogs, temporarily or permanently. Sadly the good majority have actually shut them down.

So, I had a story to share with my small readership over here, which after my last post regarding my long lost love, left behind in a hotel, increased by one or two readers.

The follow up to that event ended sadly with me having to replace it, but moving on to other things, i had a little issue at work with one of my peers and she might have gotten fired because of it.

The issue I had with her doesn't implicate me directly as she actually did not know I was the one who told on her.

One late evening while getting ready to go home, I was in the girl's room, doing my girl thing, putting on make up, adjusting bra, removing panties and that sort of thing. I heard two girls coming into the bathroom and I went on the other side and hid in one of the stalls. I know, i'm still 12 years old like that.

I heard them giggling. I knew who they were and when I hear women giggling in the bathroom, that's usually a sign of gossip. And I was completely right.

One of them mentioned reselling some of the items from a data center we all used to work at that belonged to a client. Not us, not hers, but to a client. I had already received a warning previously from management for being careless and not labeling certain equipment for inventory and I later on realized I had, but it was removed by one of these little giggling cunts in the bathroom and she was a little snake and took all of it home.

Now, my salary/pay increase was compromised due to this. I had no way of proving that I had labeled completely that equipment because, there were a thousand pieces of equipment labeled and unlabeled so I had no clue what was inventoried and what was not. etc etc.

Obviously, next day I had a closed meeting with one of my managers and explained to her what I heard and from whom. She cracked into her computer and found evidence of what I had mentioned and didn't think twice and kicked her out on the spot, NOT without bringing in the police first.

I'm not exactly proud of having someone get in trouble but hey, I got in more trouble because of her and we were not exactly two peas in a pod getting along and touching each other's boobs all the time. (only once, we were drunk)

Anyhow, that's the little gossip I have for today or the next month to share. I'll try to look for trouble and share it with the public.

Love ya


Mike129 said...

Um, so who's boobs *do* you touch all the time?

Enquiring minds want to know! ;)

Anonymous said...

Mine - she touches mine - ALL THE TIME!!!!!

Mike129 said...

Well, aren't *you* lucky?!

Say, there wouldn't be any photographic evidence of that, would there?